Things To Know Before Traveling to Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful and multicultural country where you won't just find cities yet in addition also dazzling rainforests and glamorous architecture. It doesn't make a difference in the event that you are a culture searcher, nature lover or basically travels to locate the most heavenly foods over the world, Malaysia genuinely has everything. And afterward, we haven't discussed the people in Malaysia yet, do we truly need to give you further motivations to book your trip to Malaysia? In any case, before you do, there are two or three things you should know before going to Malaysia, to make sure you can make the most of your travel peaceful. So to completely assist you with getting ready for your outing, here are 19 things you have to know before traveling to Malaysia.






Malaysia is a multi-cultural country that consists of 62% Bumiputera (Malays and indigenous peoples), 23% Chinese, 7% Indian, and 8% account for non-citizens. The common languages spoken in Malaysia are Bahasa Melayu, English, Manglish, Chinese, Hokkien, Hakka, and many other more. Malaysia currently is still religious freedom, there are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and others. Malaysia's infrastructures in urban places are pretty convenient and good, but in rural places may have a little troublesome in terms of transportation, accommodation, and network.

In conclusion, be ready to open your heart to accept different religions and harmonize yourself with them!

Malaysian's Practices

Common Practices

  • HANDSHAKE: Malaysian don't mind shaking hands! Handshake is a manner of friendliness that can be used in closing deals, starting & end of a conversation, and greeting. Please don't overuse them, or it may become harassment to some.
  • STOP GESTURE: Try crossing a busy road with your stopping hand gesture to the driver, you will see MIRACLE! Stoping hand gestures can be used to say "Hi" to someone you know, to call a waiter, and to say "Thank You" to another driver. It is also used when crossing the street and this is humorously known as the “God hand” because it seems as though you have the power to stop cars.
  • MALAYSIAN SLANG: Malaysians always use unique slang words to help to build the sentence more lively and interesting. Check out this awesome blog about the definition of each Malaysian Slang Words to understand each of them!
  • ESCALATOR RULE: Escalarator rule, which is no rule! Officially, the custom is to stand on the left side of the escalator but Malaysians stand wherever they want.
  • Learn more interesting Malaysian hand signals click here.

Malay Practices

  • Malays would attend Friday (Jumaat) prayers at a nearby mosque around noon.
  • Most businesses will give a two-hour lunch break, or even longer, on Fridays for Malays and Muslim workers to go perform their prayers.
  • Malays always use the right hand while eating even when they use forks and spoons. In fact, all good things are done with the right hand including holding the holy book of the Quran.
  • GIVING GIFTS: Never give alcohol, toy dogs or pigs to children, and anything made of pigskin as a gift. If you give food, it must be “halal” (meaning permissible for Muslims).

Malaysia Geography


Malaysia composed of two noncontiguous regions: Peninsular Malaysia, also called West Malaysia and East Malaysia, which is on the island of Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak). West Malaysia is more urbanization compare to East Malaysia.

There are quite a number of West Malaysians who are really bad in Malaysia geography. They are either never heard of Sabah or thought that Sabah is not part of Malaysia. They believed that Sabahans are living above trees, which are not. Sabah has a lot of world-recognized attractions, such as world-top diving spot Sipadan, world-top-20 highest mountain, and many more!

Click to find out more about Sabah!
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Dos & Don'ts

Dos and Donts thumb up and down vector icons. Vector red and green circle symbols for Yes and No and Bad vs Good signs


  • Wear appropriate clothing. Malaysia has a tropical climate, so just wear something relax and simple.
  • Do use your right had to receive and give objects especially when eating. The left hand is considered to be reserved for handling matters of the washroom.
  • Do remove your shoes when entering homes in Malaysian homes. This is fairly common in most African and Asian countries. It’s a sign of respect.
  • It is ok not to give tips in any restaurant, but they don't mind taking it.
  • Do calls before visiting someone.
  • Use AirAsia to fly domestic.


  • Don't drink alcohol publicly on the street, as Malaysia is exhibiting drunken behavior in public.
  • Don't sex with the same gender. The acts are still illegal and punishable by caning and imprisonment for men and imprisonment for women.
  • Bikinis are banned in Kelantan and Terengganu, and if you’re planning to go nude on any of Malaysia’s beaches, please don’t. Skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing aren’t explicitly illegal, but you could be charged under Section 294(a) of the Penal Code, and fined, imprisoned up to 3 months, or both.
  • Don't use “Allah” to refer to God, unless you are Muslim.
  • Don't drink alcohol in front of Muslims.
  • Don't touch anyone's head. The head is considered to be the most sacred part of the body to a lot of Southeast Asia.
  • Don't insult while bartering. In general haggling in Malaysia is not quite as “pushy” as in other parts of Southeast Asia.  The most important rule in bargaining is to be friendly and smile.

Best Time To Visit Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur receives abundant rainfall from the northwest monsoon regardless of the season, the driest months are usually June, July, and August. July usually has the least number of rainy days.

The driest months in Penang, Malaysia's big island famous for culinary treats, are between December and March. January and February are the most ideal, but they are also scorching hot.

The weather in Sabah is most suitable during the summer months (June, July, and August) for taking advantage of the many outdoor adventures on offer.

Popular Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia's busiest tourist island, hits high season in December, January, and February when the weather is best.

Must-Have Foods In Malaysia

Malaysia has known to be the Foods Heaven to many travelers! Most of the Malaysian foods are more towards strong flavor, compare to many Asian countries. Many travelers called Malaysia the Foods Heaven. Continues reading, and you will find out why.

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