Remarkable Places To Visit In Kundasang 2020

Remarkable places in Kundasang 2020


Where Is Kundasang

If you are looking for a peaceful and chilling place to relax, Kundasang is definitely the place to visit! Kundasang is a town in the district of Ranau in Sabah. It lies along the bank of Kundasang Valley. It is located about 6 kilometers away from Kinabalu National Park, 12 kilometers from Ranau town, and is renowned for its vegetable market, which opens seven days a week.

How To Go Kundasang

The only transportation to Kundasang is by car. The distance from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang is 91.7KM, which will take you about two and a half hours to reach Kundasang, and three hours to Ranau. Getting transportation from Kota Kinabalu is effortless; you could take Grab (Malaysia type of Uber), Express Bus, Car Rental, or Mini Bus, but it is different in Kundasang. You can hardly find transportation at Kundasang to take you around to visit attractions.

Although the express bus is the most budget transportation, it cost around RM15 – RM20 from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang. Still, I highly recommend renting a car or a driver or to follow a travel agent. Renting a car allows you to enjoy and take time to visit places in Kundasang fully. I’ll attach some locations and website links below to assist you.

There are two main bus stations in Kota Kinabalu:

Car Rental:

Grab Mobile App:

Kundasang Tourist Spots

Kundasang and Ranau are just a few kilometers away. All of the tourists visit places in Kundasang and Ranau at the same time, so I’ll cover Kundasang and Ranau tourist attractions in this post.


Located at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu. Desa Cattle Dairy Farm offers one of the most amazing sceneries one cloud envision. Often chosen as a wedding photography destination, with the majestic Mount Kinabalu overlooking beautiful green pastures, the scenery is breathtaking, not forgetting the cool breeze that Kundasang has to offer.


War Memorial Park 
Adult & Children: 10
Adult: 2 l Children: 1

War Memorial Park was situated in the town of Kundasang. It is the only historic place to visit in Kundasang. It was established in 1962; this was one of the first memorials to commemorate the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan. During the infamous death marches to Ranau during World War II. The Memorial also remembers the people of North Borneo who risked their lives to help the POWS.

There are all sorts of tourists. Some may not be interested in historical attractions; however, this historic place is different! It is well-maintained and highly rated on Google as a great Kundasang attraction. For Instagrammers or influencers, every corner is perfect for you!


Kinabalu National Park 
Adult: 15 l Children: 10
Adult: 3 l Children: 1

If you were driving from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang, you would first arrive at Kinabalu Park. It is Malaysia’s first world heritage site. It also the Centre of Plant Diversity for Southeast Asia. The park boasts more than 5,000 vascular plant species, and the park has no shortage of Fauna as well, being home to some 90 lowland mammal species and many others.

Also, I bet everyone has heard of Mount Kinabalu. The World's Top 20 Highest Mountain. Kinabalu Park is where the registration is held and the only entrance for climbers to climb Mount Kinabalu. To summarize, no tourists have ever escaped from visiting Kundasang's Kinabalu Park. It is a MUST VISIT PLACE IN KUNDASANG.


Credit: blog.traveloka.com

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm
Malaysian & Non-Malaysian
Adult: 5 l Children: 4

Those who have been to Kundasang will surely know of this place. Desa Cattle Dairy Farm offers one of the most amazing scenery one could envision. Often chosen as a wedding photography destination, with the majestic Mount Kinabalu overlooking beautiful green pastures, the scenery is breathtaking, not forgetting the cool breeze that Kundasang has to offer.

The real attraction here is the cattle farm, creating around 900,000 liters of milk every year. The greater part of the draining cows is Friesians, the most noteworthy milk makers of all steers breeds.

It is an incredible spot to visit in Kundasang for the entire family, where there are activities such as feeding the calves with bottled milk, feeding goats with grass, how milk is processed as well as the milking process are available for all. Before leaving, don't forget to get some souvenirs especially the popular dairy products like Desa Cattle's milk in a box as well as their ice cream. A visit here is both educational and fun!


Credit: Alpaca Club

Alpaca Club
Adult: 15 l Children: 10

Alpaca Club is a new attraction in Kundasang started in 2020. It is currently the only place to see Alpaca in Sabah, making it one of the most remarkable places to visit in Kundasang. You can feed them and also take pictures with them! Please make your booking online before heading there, as only 20 visitors are allowed per session.

Day trip is not enough for your love to Alpaca? Stay overnight then! They have provide a homestay just above the alpaca farm with the view of Mount Kinabalu and the farm. They have total of 2 units and each can accommodate up to maximum 6 pax per unit.



Credit: MySabah

St. Moroli Fish Spa
Adult: 10 l Children: 5
Adult: 5 l Children: 2

In the local Kadazandusun dialect, ‘Tagal’ means ‘no fishing’, and the main purpose of the ‘Tagal’ is to preserve the environment as well as the ecosystem to benefit the future generation. ‘Ikan Pelian’ or Malaysian Mahseer comes from the family of Cyprinidae. These fishes are specifically trained by the villagers to perform the healing massage activities

RANAU 27 0CTOBER 2016. (BH PLUS KKB533U). Pengunjung berpeluang memberi makan kepada sekumpulan arnab di Arnab Village, Ranau. NSTP/IZHARI ARIFFIN.

Credit: Arnab Village

Arnab Village
Adult & Children: 5
Adult: 3 l Children: 2

Arnab Village is the largest rabbit park and the first in Sabah. It has a collection of more than 1000 rabbits. The rabbits in this farm are from different species such as Angora, Lionhead, Satin, Rex, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand White, and Holland Loop. Observe the rabbits in their natural habitat while feeding these fluffy bunnies. Apart from the rabbit, visitors will also be able to see and observe Persian cats and hamsters.


Credit: SabahTravel

Poring Hot Spring
Adult: 15 l Children: 10
Adult: 3 l Children: 1

Other than the natural hot spring main attraction at poring hot springs, there are also other interesting areas in the park to be visited such as The Butterfly Farm, The Poring Orchid Conservation Centre, The Tropical Garden, The Poring Canopy Walkway, and The Rafflesia Flower site.


Credit: BorneoTravel

Sabah Tea Garden
Non-Malaysian & Malaysian
Adult & Children: 10

Sabah Tea is the only organic tea farm in Borneo and one of the few in the world. A trip to the tea garden is both educational and fun, one where visitors can enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as obstacle-crossing in the Sapaon Recreational Area, trekking along the trails to the peak of Kamunsu Hill or embarking on a night walk to check out the unique insect life.

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