How to Travel Cheap

Traveling can be very cheap, and you should probably travel every once a year. It doesn't require too much money, unless you just have to fly first class everywhere you go, sleep only at five-star hotels and are only interested in fine dining experiences, traveling can be quite affordable for you. Follow me through this post, and I will guide you on how to spend less but still having fun.

Set a Budget

The first step and also the most important step. SET A BUDGET. You need to set a budget of how much money you are going to spend during your trip. You can separate your budgets into categories, such as accommodation, transportation, food & beverage, souvenir, and etc. Setting a budget allows you to keep track of what you spend on and keeps your caution from overspending. Don't put all your savings into your budget, because there might be a chance of overspending and you'll have to withdraw money from the bank, so keep some money in your bank!

Nowadays, there are many great apps and templates that you can download and set your budget on it. If you are a person that relies on mobile, then you should download TrabeePocket, but if you are a hardcopy kind of guy, then you can download this template.


Keep Eyes on Flight Ticket

Keep your eyes on all the airlines' promotions, and make sure your movement is fast enough to get a great deal. My recommendation is to travel on the off-peak season, as the flight ticket will most likely cheaper. Another advantage of traveling off-peak season is having less crowded people at tourist attractions, and it's your opportunity to take dope pictures! Check twice a week on all the airlines will give you a better chance of buying a low fare flight, but if you're lazy to check twice a week. The best way to find the cheapest airline is through other platforms and apps. I personally use Traveloka to find the cheapest flight ticket, and it is quite accurate.



Most of the travelers choose hostels for two obvious reasons: a cheap stay and making new traveling companions. Unlike hotels and other types of accommodation, hostels lure travelers with inexpensive needs, offering stay options of varying price ranges, from a bed in a dorm, or a single room to one with multiple beds.



There are a few ways to save costs on transportations. First, you need to do research on the distance from your location to your destinations. Second, avoid using cabs, Uber, and any other electronic transportation apps. Third, find out whether there are any public transportation cards available, and how much do you need to cover your whole trip. Fourth, walk or rent a bicycle if your destinations are not far from your location. Fifth, use public transportations like a city bus, MRT, or share ride.


Food & Beverage

The cheapest meal you can get is from hawker stalls, food courts, and food festivals. Be sure to look up some of the nearby stalls before heading to your trip. You could also approach some of the locals and get some advice on where to eat because they might give you better advice than what you can get from internets.


Work While Traveling

First, you need to know what are the things you need to do in order to work abroad. This method has been used by many of the backpackers, and it is truly the cheapest way of traveling. You can also meet new friends and sometimes the employers will even bring you to explore his/her country for free.

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