How To Plan A Trip In Just A Week



Are you traveling somewhere soon? Having difficulties in planning a trip? Follow the five steps below, and you'll get a hand on how to plan a trip in just a week!

Independent travel or tour group

First, you must ask yourself these questions. Should I travel with a tour group or independent travel? Which one am I more comfortable with? And which one is more affordable to me? You can check out my previous post on this specific topic, as it may help you make a plan.

If you have decided to go with a tour group, then you are free from planning your trip and just enjoy your trip with your tour operator. If you were planning a trip to come to Sabah on a tour group, then you should choose among these 3 tour operators! You can also check out this website to look for the Best 20 Asia Tour Companies. Now my job is DONE for tour group selectors!

If you have chosen independent travel, then plan along with me! Let's make your trip awesome!

2. Search For Attractions


Now it's time to do some searching boyz! As online getting advanced, we can plan and do anything online. Use your best search engine tools (Google & Youtube) to look for places you planned to visit during the trip. Take note of each location, entrance fees, and operation hours by writing down on a paper or something as it will help in planning an itinerary later. Do not worry about the distance first, we will come into that later.

When it comes to searching locations, here are some of my personal recommended search engine for travel:
1. Tripadvisor
2. Lonely Planet
3. TripSavvy
4. Google Map (Scroll walkable nearby places around famous attractions, and you will find many more interesting places!)
5. Youtube

3. Search For Accommodations


Now comes to finding accommodations. I assume you have already found all the places you wanted to visit and have already taken note of them. You might find out that some of the destinations are far away from each other, so there are some tips for finding accommodations. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice some destinations.

The tips for finding accommodation is that you must find accommodations that are either near most of the attractions or near transport stations; it's even better if you could find accommodation that contains both elements. You might have to change accommodations several times, but remember to apply the tips above!

Check out some of the best finding accommodation platforms:
1. Booking.com
2. Agoda
3. Airbnb
4. Hotel Tonight
5. CouchSurfing

4. Make An Itinerary


Now comes the most time-consuming part, putting all together into an itinerary. Sometimes it's impossible to visit every destination because of its distance from each other, so you will need to plan out where to go first then next. You can visit this website to get your preferred travel schedule templates. It is recommended that your itinerary should consist of time, location, and transportation type (like Uber, local bus, bicycle, rent a car, etc.). In this part, you will need to use Google Maps a lot! Don't plan your itinerary overly packed; surrender some of the less attractive attractions. Once you have done, print out a hard to put inside your backpack & save a soft copy on your phone.

5. Look For Promotions


In this last step, you will need to look for offers! Some attractions or activities require you to purchase tickets, and often, it can be purchased online. There are big possibilities that you can find great deals on other platforms, instead of from the official page selling. The same goes for accommodations. You could find tons of great deals at Agoda or Booking.com. Find more offers, so you have spare money to spend on other parts of your trip!

Try these apps to search for attractions deals:
1. Klook
2. kkday
3. Trip
4. Viator
5. Traveloka
6. Travelocity

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