Group Tour or Independent Travel?

Independent travel or tour group

Should I go for a group tour or independent travel? Is group tour cheaper or independent travel? Which is more valuable? I bet most of you reading this post have the same questions as I do. In this blog post, I will go through the pros and cons of group tours and independent travel, which one is cheaper and valuable.


Tour Group


Get To Meet New People:

Tour group is a great opportunity to build up your network of friends. There are all sorts of people, so it is very likely for you to find a perfect friend for life in a tour group. You may even plan another tour with some of these friends.

Makes Trip Easier:

Traveling with a tour group will make your trip easier, as the tour director will handle all the itinerary and all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy each stop on your itinerary. The tour director is also on stand-by to help alleviate any issues that pop up with traveling.


It's common to see that most of the tour group you paid has already covered your accommodations, transportations, attractions and even meals. Basically it means that you can enjoy spending the rest of your money on shopping!


Asian parents always told their children to go to places that have many people, as it will be much safer. It has no doubt that it's quite real, the more people the safer you are. Traveling with a tour group will be much safer than traveling alone or two because you are not familiar with the places.

Tour Guides:

Having a tour guide to introduce to you all the places you went will help you gain more knowledge and understanding of the country, cultures, and history. There will always be a tour guide in a tour group, unlike independent travel have to research on their own.


Tight Schedule:

Tour group will always have a tight schedule to follow. There might have places you want to stay longer, but they are always rushing to the next station. That's why tour group will be able to visit many places than independent travel.

Different Interest:

Not everyone is interested in the same thing, and it's not always fun having to go along with a group when you're not interested in what they're doing. There are places you like and places you don't want to stay longer, but because it's a group tour so all you can do is to be cooperative.

Limited Options:

You don't get the chance to choose your accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and etc. Everything has been fixed by the tour organization. If you want to eat somewhere else, then you will have to pay for your own.

Personality Conflicts:

“There’s one on every bus,” experienced tour group travelers say. If you are part of a tour group, you will probably have to sit next to the guy who snaps his chewing gum or the lady who has taken a dislike to the place you are touring at least once during your trip. If diplomacy is not your strong suit, a tour group might not be your best option.


Independent Travel


Customize Your Trip:

If you love to do the planning, then you definitely go for independent travel. It gives you the opportunity to customize your own trip. If you are traveling with family or friends, then it is advised that you discuss it with them together, to avoid arguments happen.

Travel With People You Know:

Group tours travel with people you never met before, while independent travel with people you know and you want to travel with. This affords you the privacy that you might come to want during a getaway trip.

Budget Flexibility:

Because you get to customize your own trip, so you can customize base on your budget for the trip. You have more flexibility with how much you spend during your trip. Perhaps you start to spend more than you expected in a certain location, you can choose not to do the next activity to try and save yourself some money.

Go At Your Own Speed:

Everyone has a different interest in certain activities and would prefer to stay longer at the activities. Some prefer to spend more time enjoying meals, whereas others like to spend more time on shopping. Rather than having to deal with more of a group mentality, independent travel gives you complete control over your time and schedule.


Costly (Sometimes):

Independent travelers who are not budget-conscious can often end up spending more than group tours. Group tour operators often have relationships with many suppliers such as hotels and restaurants, so they can often save you money by purchasing hotel blocks and excursions at a discounted rate and passing the savings on to you. Unlike independent travel, they have often been charge non-local fees. You might want to hire a private tour, and it can be very costly too!

Time Consuming:

Independent travelers require lots of research on the country's attractions, well-known restaurants, accommodations and many more. You might even have to learn how to speak the language of the country, especially you are traveling to countries that have a different language with you.

Handle Problems:

Problems occurring during travel are often a common thing happen. Because you are not locals, so many times you will have to go long way round. This can be time-consuming and sometimes have a domino effect for the rest of your trip.

Which Is Cheaper?

The answer to this question should be Independent Travel, but why is it "should be"? If you are good at budgeting and cautious of your spending then surely it will be much cheaper than a group tour.

DSC00931 (edited)

Which Is More Valuable?

Group tours will save you a lot of time researching your destination. A tour will have your transport, accommodation, some of your sightseeing, and even restaurants lined up for you. If you don’t want to spend countless hours before and during your trip comparing options and booking all these things, then this might be worth paying a little extra for.

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