Create Brochure Using PowerPoint

Creating Brochure Using PowerPoint


PowerPoint is far more useful than we thought it is! We often use PowerPoint only when we want to do our school's presentations. Recently I've been trying to customize an E-Brochure for my company, and PowerPoint becomes my favorite tools!

Today I won't cover all the basic editing skills that we have learned in school, instead I will cover about changing slide sizes, inserting Hyperlinks, converting PowerPoint to PDF file then add FlipBook effect onto the PDF file, and generating QR Code.

Tip 1: Change your image size to 11 x 18 inches

  • On the tool bar above, click "DESIGN"
  • Select "Slide Size"
  • 11 inches equals to 27.94 cm, 18 inches equals to 45.72 cm
  • Select "Ensure Fit"

Tip 2: Insert website addresses into your slides

  • You can either insert a shape or a picture
  • Click on the shape or picture, then on the tool bar above click "INSERT"
  • Select "Hyperlink"
  • Input your website address into the "Address" section

Tip 3: Convert PowerPoint to PDF

  • On the tool bar above, click "FILE"
  • Select "Save As"
  • Change the "Save As Type" from PowerPoint Presentation to PDF
  • Make sure "Standard (publishing online and printing)" is selected

Tip 4: Convert PDF to FlipBook effect

  • It's very difficult to find a totally free flipbook website, but luckily I found one! Go to http://fliphtml5.com/

Tip 5: Generate a QR Code, so people can scan it and directly go into your brochure

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