Best Places to Eat in Tawau

Are you planning for your next meal? Don't know where to eat in Tawau because it is your first time travelling here?

Well, you're in the right place! Tawau is not just a place for you to transit to Semporna for an island trip. Tawau is more than just that! Tawau is a food paradise, from the main course to desserts they are all delicious. They are known to have the best Pan Mee, Mango Sagu, Roti Kahwin, Soto Ayam, and many others more in Sabah.

Follow me along, and I'll show you the way to all the delicious foods in Tawau. Let's get started!

Best Roti at Kedai Kopi Mui Lok

Kedai Kopi Mui Lok has been in Tawau for many generations. It is also the elderly's favourite coffee shop to hang out. Kedai Kopi Mui Lok serves the best Roti Kahwin in Tawau. Not only that but they also serve delicious dim sum, pao (Chinese steamed buns), and kon loh mee (dry noodles). Their operation time is from 6 am to 5 pm daily except Monday. All their foods are delicious and affordable! Definitely your choice for breakfast in Tawau.

Best Nasi Kuning in Tawau

Nasi Kuning is one of Sabah's favourite meal, because of its colourful and flavourful taste. Restoran Haji Tamrin was started in 1979. It is famous for its Nasi Kuning and was said to be the best in Tawau. There are many other varieties of side dishes to choose along to complement with your Nasi Kuning, such as Ayam Goreng, Ayam Penyet, Fried Fish and so on. Restoran Haji Tamrin is not only local favor but foreign visitors and tourists are as well! Look at those JUICY MEATS! 😍

Best Sarawak Mee in Tawau

Southern Coffee Shop is probably the most generous restaurant in Tawau. They serve a big portion of delicious traditional Sarawak Mee. The price is affordable at under RM10 with a drink included! What a bargain! They open every day from 7 am to 2 pm. If you were hunting for Sarawak Mee in Tawau, then this Southern Coffee Shop is the best in Tawau!

The most famous Soto Ayam in Tawau

Kedai Kopi Yuan Yuan is a restaurant that only sells you Soto, yet it's crowded EVERY SINGLE DAY! They open every day from 6 am to 3 pm except Wednesday. It is the best Soto you can get in Tawau and also Sabah! There are varieties of ingredients, such as chicken, beef, and seafood. Kedai Kopi Yuan Yuan has been featured on many food media, such as TV and the Internet. The price is affordable with a generous amount of ingredients being put into the bowl.

Ais Kacang Kedai KopI Wah Hing

Kedai Kopi Wah Hing is a shop that sells shaved ice and bread. Shaved ice with condiments which in Malaysia we called it ABC. You can add all sorts of ingredients into your shaved ice, such as watermelon, lychee, cincau, corn, red bean, etc. Kedai Kopi Wah Hing opens from 11 am to 5 pm every day except Sunday. The best selling dessert is their ABC and CBA. ABC is shaved iced dessert with red bean, cream corn, jelly, cendol, a type of jelly made using pandan juice and green bean powder, syrup and evaporated milk. CBA is a shaved iced dessert with fruits, syrup and evaporated milk.

Best Pan Mee at Tawau

Calvary Canteen is located inside the Calvary City Church building. The restaurant is own by the church as well. Calvary Canteen was known to have the best Pan Mee and Char Kuey Teow in Tawau, almost anyone who goes there will order it. Their Pan Mee is serves with rich anchovy broth and topped with fried wontons, ikan bilis, and other more. They open every day from 7 am to 2 pm except on Monday. Also, I highly recommend trying their Teh C Special. It consists of three layers made up of black tea, palm sugar and evaporated milk.

One of the best Sang Nyuk Mee in Tawau

Sang Nyuk Mee is one of Sabah's speciality, and Kedai Kopi Hing Lee is a restaurant that serves exclusively that. Sang Nyuk Mee comes with an option of either dry or soup, but I prefer soup as the soup broth is much richer and flavourful. Sang Nyuk Mee is a quick-serve dish, so you don't need to wait long for your noodles to be served. They open every day from 7 am to 2 pm.

Ramly Burger in Tawau

Ramly Burger is a typical Malaysian burger. It is also many Malaysian's all-time favourite burger; it is cheap and sinfully delicious. Inside the Ramly Burger are pattie wrapped with egg, Maggi soy sauce, veggies, and additional ingredients such as cheese, chilli sauce, hotdog, etc. This Ramly Burger in Tawau is located outside of Restaurant Al Mubaraq. Burgers are made after your order, so it is hot serve.

Best Pisang Goreng and Sago in Tawau

Indo Cafe is famous for its Sago and Pisang Goreng Cheese. They serve the best Sago in Tawau, and they were probably the only restaurant that serves Sago in Tawau. They have Mango, Durian, and Avocado Sago's flavours, and my favourite is Mango and Durian. Pisang Goreng Cheese is also their top order food as well! They open every day from 10 am to 9 pm. They have 2 branches in Tawau; Bandar Sri Indah and Unijaya.


One last thing you must try in Tawau is the seafood! Unfortunately, my time in Tawau is limited and not able to take pictures of the restaurant and the foods. Good View Seafood Restaurant is one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Tawau town, and their seafood is always fresh! They open every day from 5 am to 12 pm.

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