4 Famous Attractions in Tambunan You Shouldn't Miss Out

Tourist Attractions in Tambunan

Where is Tambunan

Tambunan is rather similar to Kundasang, is a small town filled with terraced paddy fields as the primary income source dominated by rice production. The majority of residents in Tambunan is Kadazan culture. For nature and leisure enthusiasts, Tambunan attractions are famous for those. There are a few top attractions in Sabah were situated in Tambunan.

How to go Tambunan

The only transportation to Tambunan is by car. The distance from Kota Kinabalu to Tambunan town is 75KM, which will take you about one and a half hours ride. Transportation can be found easily in Kota Kinabalu. There are Grab everywhere (Malaysia type of Uber), Express Bus, Car Rental, or Mini Bus, but it is different in Tambunan. Although the express bus is the most budget transportation, it cost around RM12 – RM18 from Kota Kinabalu to Tambunan. Still, I highly recommend renting a car or a driver or following a travel agent, because the below attractions are to play along the way to Tambunan. I’ll attach some locations and website links below to assist you.

Tambunan Attractions

Tagal Tinopikon Park in Tambunan

Tagal Tinopikon Park
Non-Malaysian & Malaysian
Adult: 5 l Children: 2

Tagal Tinopikon Park is the first attraction you'll going from Kota Kinabalu. It is a great outing attraction for family and friends. It only takes about 35 minutes to get there from Kota Kinabalu town, depending on the traffic. The road condition is good for even smaller cars like Myvi. Carpool is highly recommended as the parking area is limited. The parking area is located on the right side of the road if you are driving from Kota Kinabalu. Go down a set of stairs, cross a bridge, and you will arrive at the destination. You can spend your day playing at the riverside, feeding fish, picnicking, and hiking.

You can literally spend the whole day at Tagal Tinopikon Park or even stay overnight before continuing to Tambunan! They have accommodation that can accommodate up to 20 people with just RM10 per person, which includes a mattress and a pillow. They also have an outdoor kitchen that is equipped with cooking tools and utensils. You only need to bring your own food and pay RM30 for the rental. For booking accommodation and inquiries, feel free to Whatsapp 0195054514 (Florina) or click here: https://wa.link/m41phs

Sabah Parks Crocker Range in Tambunan. Accommodation in Tambunan.

Sabah Parks Crocker Range
Adult: 10 l Children: 6
Adult: 3 l Children: 1

Sabah Parks Crocker Range is a place for nature and leisure enthusiasts. They also offer accommodation. It takes about 45 minutes from the first attraction, Tagal Tinopikon Park. The place is surrounded by trees and plants, which gives you great fresh air. It is quiet and can get pretty cold at night, making it a perfect choice for a staycation. They offer 4 types of accommodations; Chalet, Hostel, Rest House, and Tom Cabin. Also, you can go camping there for just RM5 per person.

If you are a sporty person, you can go for the jungle trekking activity they offer. The trail is 12KM long and costs about RM50 to RM70 on a group basis. If trekking is not your interest, then you can enjoy birdwatching in their small park.

𝗥𝗲𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿: They do not have their own restaurant. However, there is a restaurant on the main road 2KM away from the Crocker Range called "Gunung Alab." You can also bring food to cook, as there is a kitchen in every accommodation.

Kimolohing Waterfall in Tambunan. Mountain in Tambunan. Hiking in Tambunan

Kimoholing Waterfall
Non-Malaysian & Malaysian

Kimoholing Waterfall also called Kitomoling Waterfall. Yes, there are many waterfall attractions in Tambunan! Kimoholing Waterfall is a hiking place that leads to a small waterfall deep inside the forest. It takes just a 5 minutes distance from Sabah Parks Crocker Range to Kimoholing Waterfall. It's also under the care of Crocker Range.

The trail is 1.3KM, which will take about an hour to walk to the waterfall. The hike is pretty easy even for beginners because the temperature is cozy, not hot, and not too cold. However, there is ONE MAIN THING to be cautious about that there are many leeches!

Mahua Waterfall in Tambunan. Tambunan main attraction.

Mahua Waterfall
Adult: 10 l Children: 6
Adult: 3 l Children: 1

Mahua Waterfall is the main attraction in Tambunan. It takes about 1 hour to get there from Kimolohing Waterfall. Mahua Waterfall is also under the care of Crocker Range National Park, so the same entrance ticket can be used to visit other Crocker Range's attractions on the same day without having to pay again.

Just pass through the registration and you can already hear the peaceful sound of the waterfall. Follow the trail and you will arrive at the waterfall after a 15 - 20 minutes walk. BBQ and fishing are not allowed, but you can go for a swim, picnic, camping, and other nature-based activities. You can also choose to go for jungle trekking at Minduk Sirung Trail for only 1.5KM long. You will meet a HUGEEEEE TREEEE as the reward of your trekking.

Additional Info: If you would like to stay overnight at Mahua Waterfall, you may book a room with Mahua Rainforest Paradise. Kindly contact 016-552 1905 for booking inquiries or click here: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=60165521905


Tambunan Daytrip Itinerary. Tambunan Overnight Itinerary

Click here to download the full image.

I highly recommend an overnight trip to explore Tambunan attractions. An overnight trip allows you to enjoy every attraction without rushing with time. If you were going to Tambunan for a day trip, then you should choose only two or three attractions to go to.

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