7 Must-Have Travel Apps in 2019

Smartphones has now played an important role in our life, as it brings us efficiency and convenience. With the richness of technology, traveling alone isn't that difficult anymore. Follow me through this blog, and I'll show you tons of great apps that you may download for your next trip.

When comes to finding accommodations for my trips, Agoda is my favorite app. Inside, you can book hotels, hostels, and even an entire house! You can always find great and affordable accommodations that land under your budget. Some properties allow you to pay them at check-in, and you can even collect points for booking with Agoda.


Budgeting is to help us keep track of our money from over-spending. It's a necessary thing to do for every traveler, especially backpackers. Trabee Pocket might be the best budgeting tool for your travel. It allows you to take pictures of the items you spent on and allows you to customize categories. There are some cons, which is you will have to manually backup your data. Second, you can't set a budget for each day, it only allows you to set a budget for the whole trip.


Klook offers a simple way to discover activities, attractions and things to do wherever you travel. Basically, you can purchase an e-ticket for attractions entry and activities with great deals, so you don't have to wait for a long queue.


Flight tickets can often get out of my budget, so sometimes I use Expedia to hunt for the cheapest flight. Of course, Expedia not only helps you to filter to find the lowest flight tickets but it also provides many other services such as hotels, and car rental. They often give a great discount, so if you were planning the next trip, do check out Expedia to see if there is any cheap deal.


Uber is one of the most popular ridesharing apps out there. It’s a convenient way to hitch a ride to or from the airport or to get around while traveling. Simply enter your pickup and drop-off location and select your ride option. You’ll get matched with a driver who will meet you at your pickup location and drive you to your destination.


This app works just like Google Maps, but the difference is that this app allows navigating even without wifi. Do take note that you will have to download the map of the city first before going offline.


We had always been adviced that it is better to learn the local language before going to that country, or else it will be hard to communicate or negotiate. In case you don't have enough time to learn a new language, this app will come handy. It provides translation in varies types of language, and you can even capture words that you don't understand and translate it.

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