20 Things In Malaysia Listed In Global


Integrated Circuits

Malaysia has skilled talent required for the electronics industry. Malaysia is host to the top percentile of Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) in Integrated Circuit Packaging. In 2018, Malaysia is the Top 6 Global Integrated Circuits exporter. Malaysia has footprint of semiconductor design centers and world-class semiconductor assembly and test centers.

Liquefied Natural Gas

LNG is a non-toxic liquid that forms when natural gas is cooled to -162ºC (-260ºF). When LNG reaches its destination, it is turned back into a gas at regasification plants. It is then piped to homes, businesses, and industries where it is burnt for heat or to generate electricity. In 2019, Malaysia is the Top 3 LNG exporter in the world.

MISC Bhd's new liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier, Seri Camellia.

Palm Oil

Malaysia currently accounts for 28 % of world palm oil production and 33% of world exports. Being the second biggest producer and exporter of palm oil and palm oil products, Malaysia has an important role to play in fulfilling the growing global need for oils and fats sustainably.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber was a critical pillar of Malaysia’s export-oriented economy throughout much of the 20th century. Early in that century rubber overtook tin as Malaya’s main export earner and was the dominant component in accounting for variations in export growth. In 2018, the Natural Rubber industry helps Malaysia generated RM26.49 billion and making Malaysia the Top 4 Natural Rubber exporter in the world.


Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu (Gunung Kinabalu) is the most dramatic feature in Sabah and the tallest peak between the Himalayas & the New Guinea. Towering at 4,095 meters (13,435 feet), Mount Kinabalu is the 20th highest mountain in the world.  It is one of the safest and most conquerable peaks in the world—provided that you’re reasonably healthy and physically fit.


Karex is the largest condom manufacturer with operations across the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Thailand. Their current clientele consists of governments, NGOs, brand owners and retailers in over 130 countries around the world.


Petronas Twin Towers

PETRONAS Twin Towers are the tallest twin towers in the world, and its status has remained unchallenged since 1996. We welcome you to Malaysia’s proudest icon and architectural wonder, lined with an endless shopping and touring experience. If twin towers were two separate buildings, they are placed in number 16 & 17 of the tallest buildings in the world.

Shorea Faguetiana

For many years, the world's tallest tropical tree has been recognized in the Tawau Hills Park at a height of 88.32m (Shorea faguetiana family: Dipterocarpaceae), which is located 900 meters from the Park's main station. This Shorea Faguetiana in Sabah is the top 6 tallest tree in the world.


Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island was at the top of Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine Gold List for 'The Top Dive Destination in the World'. In fact, it shared its top spot with 2 other destinations known for the amazing diversity of their marine life - the Galapagos Islands and Truk in Micronesia. Sipadan Island is rated as the Top 2 dive site in the world on DiveIn website.


The Rafflesia is the largest flower in the World with recent flowers found measuring up to 95cm (3 feet) across. There are 55 species of Rafflesia, of which 9 are found in Borneo. Indonesia has the largest Rafflesia, and Sabah takes the second!


Sarawak Chamber

Sarawak Chamber is the largest known cave chamber in the world by area and the second-largest by volume after the Miao Room in China. Sarawak Chamber Is So Big It Can Accommodate 40 Boeing 747 Aircraft. It is in Gua Nasib Bagus, which is located in Gunung Mulu National Park, in the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo.

Proboscis Monkeys

Endemic to the island of Borneo, Proboscis monkeys are the largest in the world growing up to 70cm tall and weighing 23kg. They can swim up to 65 feet underwater and feed off leaves and unripened fruit. They’re also commonly known as ‘orang belanda’ meaning ‘Dutchman’, after local Indonesians noted their similarities to Dutch colonisers who had rotund bellies and large noses.


Alocasia Macrorrhiza

The largest undivided leaf in the world, Alocasia macrorrhiza, comes from the Malaysian state of Sabah. A specimen found in 1966 measured 9.9 feet (3.02 m) long by 6.3 (1.92 m) wide.

Taman Negara

While the Daintree Rainforest in Australia is actually the oldest, Taman Negara has a reputation as being the oldest tropical rainforest in the world at an estimated 130 million years old. It is home to array of rare mammals such as the Malayan tiger, crab-eating macaque, Malayan gaur and Indian elephant and is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in the country.


Putrajaya Roundabout

Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah or Putrajaya Roundabout is the main thoroughfare or roundabout in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It is world's largest roundabout with a diameter of 3.5 km.

Royal Selangor

Not only is Royal Selangor the largest pewter manufacturer and retailer of its kind, it’s also home to the largest pewter tankard ever built. Created in 1985 to commemorate Royal Selangor’s 100th anniversary, the giant tankard stands at 1.99m tall and weighs 1,557kg. In 2009, the tankard was part of a marketing campaign where it disappeared and reappeared again at Pavilion shopping centre in KL.


Lord Murugan at Batu Cave

The gigantic sculpture of Lord Murugan at Batu Caves is the second tallest statue for a Hindu deity in the world, standing at 140 feet high and is covered in 300 litres of gold paint.


Thailand and Malaysia are the two largest producers of Durian fruit globally, together believed to account for up to 90% of global production. In 2016, Thailand produced 600 million KG of Durian fruit, while Malaysia produced approximately 400 million KG.



AirAsia, a budget airline headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. It is the world's cheapest airline. You can take one of AirAsia’s distinctive red-and-white planes to more than 20 Asian countries, including tourist hotspots like Thailand, Vietnam, and Bali, often for less than $100 round-trip. The airline ventures as far out as India, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

Borneo / Sabah

Borneo is the third-largest island in the world, after Greenland and New Guinea. Three countries share the island: the Independent Sultanate of Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia.




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